Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quarter 3 of 4 begins soon...

Tomorrow morning starts another day of my grad. school journey...

And no one knows where or when we are supposed to be meeting. All we know is that we have homework. This really is frustrating.

I just want to do yoga, but I should probably sleep.

2009 Photo Album

Hello 2010, and welcome!

I never thought of myself as the type of person who cares a whole lot about it being a new year... but upon reflecting on my 2009 I am realizing that a lot has happened during the past year and it deserves some recognition. Things are constantly changing, and it is such a beautiful thing. I feel that now is a great time to renew and rejuvenate, but before I do so, I would like to share a slice of my life; here is my 2009.

Baby Charlie entered our lives.

February was, well, February. Our house was party central and Kirsten lived with me then. :)


Chad and I celebrated our birthdays together for the third time.

Olive Oyl and Popeye.

Last year Chad didn't get his Jesus cake, so this year he got two! Here's the first.

"I feel like everyone just came over to watch me get drunk."
After I took this picture I brought in a pillow and blanket for our bathroom slumber party...
it was special.


The boys got Uncle Ryan's boat fixed up and ready for the Sound.

We watched the Mariners kick off the season!

The Quad on UW campus officially welcomed Spring.

We brought the kidlets to the Puyallup Spring Fair.

Camping season began!

All the pets had birthdays this month. Simba turned three on the 4th, the same day that Junior and Leo turned two, and Tilly turned three on the 24th. The boys were spoiled and got to have a birthday party.
Junior and Leo the birthday brothers.

They loved their birthday cake from Mama/Auntie Steffy.

I went shooting for the first time.

Stefani turned 20, and her birthday camping weekend was amazing!

Beer staffs (staves?) became a big hit this month.

Karlie graduated kindergarten!

I graduated from the University of Washington!

... And ten days later I started graduate school at UW. I just cannot seem to keep myself away!

What happened in July besides homework, homework, and homework? Oh yes, stress happened. And what a better cure then some vin rouge? I decided that I shouldn't leave my cats out, so they got catnip.
This is what happened from the time I set the bag of catnip on the kitchen counter, walked into my room to put some things away, and came back; a span of about two minutes.

Meanwhile, Leo didn't understand why the girls were all so giggly so he decided to lie under the table and recycle plastic and cardboard into chew toys.

Baby Ben was born on the 11th, the day before his brother's third birthday.
This is Ben and my dad, Benjamin's grandpa.

The boys caught a lot of fishies from the river.

We moved into our new house.

I nearly killed myself along with Cabbage, Stefani, and Paul on the way to the Brush Prairie tournament from a little mishap on the freeway. Bald tires+freshly rained on freeway=360s and really scared driver and passengers.

It began pouring down rain before our boys played so we made a makeshift tent cover.

Nikki and Joey got married. It was a fun day.

Aunt Myrna and Uncle Don told us at the reception,
"we want you to take over where we leave off". I adore them.

The band played a show in the basement of our new home for the housewarming party, and Leo got a lovely bath in the mud room before our friends came over. Cute, right?

Annie invited me to Corvallis, Oregon where she grew up and it was harvest for her parents' vineyard. We picked through the grapes as they were thrown into the big tubs to remove any ladybugs and leaves. It was such a lovely weekend and a great break from life.

I started student teaching in my kindergarten classroom this month at good ol' Bailey Gatzert Elementary! I love my little bumpkins.

Thinking back to this month I'm not really sure what went on.
There was a lot of lounging.

And then there was Halloween. I was pretty sick at the time of this picture and by the end of the night my voice was nearly gone, and what was there was very manly. My five and six year-olds did a pretty good job of getting me sick these first couple months of the school year.


While taking a break from doing homework Tilly stole my yogurt.
(Right before this she stole my water).

There was a lot of lounging around this month, too.

I created this tree and the kindergarteners created the squirrels for "s" week.
This was also the day we went on our field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo.
It was pouring down rain the entire time, and so much fun!

I finished up the quarter, we did a gingerbread lesson in kindergarten, and before I knew it it was already time for the holidays!
Christmas morning!! I want Benjamin to crawl so I put him on his belly. He's getting there!

Chad was a good little helper and put the icing on the danishes.

David and Hayden had fun putting together Hayden's workbench.

We got a new bed and it is lovely.

And then it was New Years Eve...