Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beauty in All Things

Today while reading my Yoga Journal I stumbled upon this and thought I should share, as it is too wonderful to not.

"In classical Tantric philosophy, the yogi seeks to perceive all things as they really are: a manifestation of the Divine Light of Consciousness. In this process, you learn to go beyond the artificial preferences of your mind and gradually come to see all things as equally beautiful. This sense of wonder, a kind of aesthetic rapture, derives from a profound inner realization of the miracle by which the one Light expresses its innate beauty in an infinity of different ways while never relinquishing its essential nature in any of them.

You can cultivate your capacity to see yourself and all of reality in this way by holding the awareness of innate beauty shining through all that you do. As you go about your day, silently repeat to yourself with everything you see, "Beauty is seeing beauty"; with everyone you meet, "Beauty is greeting beauty"; with everything you touch, "Beauty is touching beauty"; and so on. In this way, you will expand your capacity to see all things as beautiful."

Embrace beauty, my friends!

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